What is FATExDAO?

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www.FATEx.io — is a true DAO FinTech, created to pool member capital for a collective, commercial enterprise focused on creating innovative products and services that rapidly monetize via large-scale, commercial, global, bank-grade application(s), taking DLT and digital asset tokenization technologies to their highest use potential.

The first stage of the roadmap is to become a liquidity provider for PAXG and accumulate CapEx to build: FxD (FATE FX/Fiat Denomination) a real-asset backed, algo-stabilized denomination that acts as a reserve currency and financial instrument utility, which can be used for more efficient remittance and fiat-to-fiat cross-border transfers, producing the best central peg reserve currency in history. No other project has created anything that supersedes existing constructs, there has yet to be a paradigm shift with novel creations enhancing economies’ efficiencies, beyond applying a digital asset tokenization framework to existing models. The exact architecture of FxD will be released post-launch of FATExFi on MATIC due to its proprietary nature. However, it is not a cross-sector basket of assets; it is very similar to the Bretton-Woods model, but does not use gold and fixes the issues that the system produced.

The long-term goal is to obtain a significant market share in the new (DeFi) finance sector rapidly by creating standards that are malleable to change and FinTech products/services that remedy the results caused by a millennium of uses and devices that have not experienced any material upgrades. Our approach requires answers that do not provoke debate, and ingrain fundamental ideological shifts regarding value and productivity. It is now possible to replace debt-driven constructs that promote unstable, bust-boom cycles with compounding liquidity vehicles, and derive methods that massively streamline valuation, resource use, and financial systems, while producing more capital gain than any other pursuit yet attempted, on a global scale.

FATExDAO builds value through innovation — improving the human condition and producing the framework for a multi-generational abundance of wealth. The DAO cooperatively applies logic, we do not recreate to compete, we advent anew to supplant and standardize via win-only, no impact, diverse membership that is inclusive, and premised by socially responsible leadership — DeFi combined with the CSR/ESG business model. We will profitably help bank the unbanked, fund long-term R&D and infrastructure, and correctly value resource allocation and usage to enhance.

The DAO uses the FATE token as a governance mechanism. We launched on Harmony ONE, August 2021: app.FATEx.io, however, the FATE supply will redeploy on MATIC as FATExFi.io and will be sunsetting FATExDEX. At minimum, MATIC is better suited for the DAO to achieve its first stage goals. The DAO is not building a DEX directly, we are using the traditional “dex” — yield-farm, liquidity pool DApp model to circumvent the angel investment process, one of the many advantages of a DAO.

The founders and all DAO “treasury” activities are transparent and supported by the strongest reasoning to justify them. Executives are simply trustees for the DAO and its members, and are accountable to them. They have a diverse background in blockchain software engineering, finance/banking and education. The DAO was not formed for a few of its members to prosper more than any other. Value is distributed by the value input provided.

We did not write a white paper — our “Green Paper” https://fatexdao.gitbook.io/fatexdao represents ideals and presents viewpoints that support DAO undertakings without debate. It also covers the same facts that projects, deemed similar, discuss in theirs: i.e. the technical details of governance, roadmap et al.

DeFi is the last stage of the industrial revolution where civilization will be incentivized to act multi-generationally without having to reconstruct ethic/natural, societal and individual capitalism, which justify short-term, ego-centric behavior. When real resources are applied, enhanced by DLT/tokenization, they will become more abundant and generate greater appreciation, allowing them to be accessible and far more useful than any previous time in our civilization. It will generate a new “revolution” of human technological advancement, where we continue on the exponentially positive trajectory towards our next stage of civilization: quantumization & longevity.

We spent significant time identifying and rectifying the current problems with other projects (of all types) and many of the technical features are revisions. There are many examples, a good one is our approach to “tokenomics” and a blockrate-based reward schedule.

We are the first DApp to offer PAXG as an alternative to BTC, ETH or a stablecoin, as primary liquidity pair, and not for novelty or apparent uniqueness.

Many “protocols” have a “cookie-cutter” roadmaps that detail: “lending/borrowing,” “dex stable-coin,” “synthetic asset creator,” “future exchange for everything” etc. — FATExDAO has a very different plan — features like “borrowing” are implied with a “full-scale digital bank.”

We believe in cooperation and merit-logic discourse. We avoid over-complication/jargon-creation that increases barriers to entry.

All matters are decided by the DAO.

FATE will convert into a regulated, dividend-paying security as we strive to break from the crypto-centric models in use by most projects in the sector, and function as a for-profit commercial organization.

Please join us — there is work to be done: www.FATEx.io



None of the information communicated should be taken as financial advice. You must be responsible, do research and make your own decisions regarding participation as a DAO member. The messages and/or written content contains proprietary information — and are covered by trademark and copyright, with patents pending.





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FATEXDAO.io is a Neo #DeFi DAO FinTech enterprise, focused on large-scale DLT/tokenization, ESG/CSR bank-grade solutions: FATExFi — FxD.