Step-by-Step Tutorial: Bridging Crypto from BSC/ETH to Harmony

6 min readDec 30, 2021

This article will cover bridging BNB from the Binance Smart Chain Network to create bscBNB on the Harmony One Network.

Any BSC token or ETH token works the same way using the official Harmony Bridge.

The official Harmony Blockchain Bridge can be found:


Use the instructions below as a guide to bridge tokens from either network in various directions.

ie. BSC => ONE || ONE => BSC || ETH => ONE || ONE => ETH

Visit the Harmony One Bridge here

Make sure you have ONE Wallet & a MetaMask Wallet.

If you are not familiar with ONE Wallet then you can find instructions on how to set up your ONE wallet here:

Click “Bridge”

Step 1:

- To bridge from the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet to the Harmony Mainnet, click “Binance > ONE” and then click “Binance.”

- If you are bridging from Harmony to BSC you would click ONE > Binance.


Open Metamask and go to the current network dropdown menu on the top and select the network you want to bridge from, in this example, I am. bridging from Binance Smart Chain mainnet and will select that.

Select Binance Smart Chain Network


Click “Metamask” to connect your Binance Smart Chain MetaMask network so it pulls in your wallet information.

NOTE: Make sure you have BNB tokens for gas or you will not be able to bridge funds from this network over to Harmony
(network fees range between $0.50 and $5)

Click Metamask to load wallet details


Connect your Harmony One Wallet so it pulls in your wallet information.

This may also be done using a different metamask account on the harmony mainnet network as well (use a different window if you do this to make it easier for you).

Connect ONE wallet OR Harmony Metamask account in a new window

NOTE: Make sure your ONE wallet / Metamask Account has some ONE tokens for gas, otherwise you will be unable to send the funds sent to your ONE wallet back to your Metamask wallet on the Harmony Mainnet.


Select the token you would like to bridge over to Harmony. If you do not see your token or it isn’t a BEP20 then select the “use custom address” and paste in the contract address of the token you wish to import (you can find the token address by searching for it on
[If the token is not already on Harmony, the bridge will create a new address for you.]


In this example, I will be bridging BNB from the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet to receive bscBNB on the Harmony mainnet.

Select or import your token


Input the $amount you wish to bridge ^^

NOTE: If it says you have exceeded the amount because you input Max Available then just lower it a bit. You need to keep enough for gas if it’s a token that requires gas (ie. if I send ALL of my BNB then I will be spending all of it leaving none for gas).

If the Network fee costs more than the amount you have left the transaction will not be completed. If this occurs you will be notified in MetaMask — and you will have enough time to transfer more BNB (or ETH) at that point if you do it before the transaction “times-out” (approximately 5–10 minutes)

The network fee will show beforehand. You may use Coinmarketcap or the swap feature on a DEX to check token conversions against the amount in USD (ie. see below)

Coin conversion / price check


Copy your ONE address from your ONE wallet /Metamask and paste it into the ONE address input bar. You may also click “Use my address” to sync it automatically. You may also choose another address to send it to — make sure Harmony’s “ONE” address is in that format.

Metamask only accepts 0x (ETH/BSC etc.) addresses — if you need to find the Harmony ONE address for the wallet in your MetaMask — go to enter the address you copy from Metamask (or another wallet) that can support Harmony One (i.e. Trust/Math) and find the one version by switching to Harmony after pasting it into the search field:

The Harmony One Wallet has a cool feature if you choose to use that:

Copy ONE Address to your clipboard after you toggle it by clicking the Harmony/ETH logo on the right
You can Toggle the Logo to switch between ETH and ONE address


Double-check the token amount and address you’re sending it to are correct and then click “Continue”

Read the notice (example directly below) & click “Yes I confirm”


Review transaction data, check network fee (gas), and press “confirm”

Review and Confirm transaction

NOTE: If the network fee (gas) is very high then come back and try again later. Prices fluctuate throughout the day depending on “blockchain network demand”


So you don’t think it didn’t work and you can’t find your tokens after:

  • If you are using ONE WALLET to receive the tokens:

Open ONE Wallet and import the contract address of the token you expect to receive if it’s not already there.

The mirror HRC20-ERC20(BSC uses ERC20) token addresses can be found here:

To import a token click the + sign at the bottom of the HRC20 tab and paste the contract address to import it.

Once you see your token and the expected amount (it should be the same as the amount you input before the bridge) , click “send” and paste in the address of the wallet you wish to send to (metamask address).

Your tokens should now be ready to use on the Harmony Mainnet!

  • If you are using MetaMAsk to receive the tokens:

To import a token into Metamask click “Assets” and then scroll to the bottom and click “Import tokens.” Paste in token contract address. If the address is correct the information following it will autofill on its own.

Click Assets and scroll to bottom
Click “Import tokens” to paste in desired token address

You have successfully used the Harmony Bridge!



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