Introduction to the FATE of DeFi-DLT & DAOs — FATExDAO

Each society in human history has failed to prevent overcharging for basic human needs: home, education, health, and food.

The concept of “indentured” has not changed; inefficiencies & a sense of “unfair” prevail.

Good work is rarely awarded without time being the main denomination.

FATExDAO calls out systemic flaws, institutionalized by history at the cost of future innovation.

Many serious DeFi projects realize the potential of DLT-tokenization: the numbers are in the quadrillions.

But, no DeFi project provides a logical, uncomplicated plan to do it…

FATExDAO starts with a simple DeFi decentralized exchange (dex) on Harmony blockchain (DLT), the fastest and lowest cost, public DLT.

FATExDEX will distribute the governance token FATE to allow:

  • 100% of all decisions and benefits are made by DAO voting.
  • Transparency & reporting are critical to managing its value and growth, stably.

The way of the DAO is mission-specific:

The members will implement a very exact strategy of growth spending.

We will take the best parts of DLT-DeFi and add the parts that are missing: economic professionalism and accountability. Members’ contributions will allow the DAO to generate inventive, dex-connected products that disrupt major sectors of the financial industry in a short period of time, with very low capital requirements.

Hyper-monetization is supported by creating higher returns for increasing membership that is always shared by FATE token holders.

Within 6–18 months, the roadmap leaves a crypto-centric scheme that allows members to receive dividends (profit sharing) in multiple, non-crypto assets (i.e. fiat/gold etc.) and the DAO gains a large, permanent share in the digital-asset tokenization world, as one of its leaders.

This will allow FATExDAO to acquire enough resources to exceed the precedent for any collective technological/explorative (R&D) commercial enterprise.

After that, anything is possible. At a minimum, allowing everyone to control their own FATE.

These statements are bold; please read the whitepaper, it supports the above in detail.

Every Future Has FATE.

Join us… There is work to be done.



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