FATExDAO — Member Voting FAQ


DAO Voting:

Proposals can be found at the following URL:


The governance token address for FATExDAO is the following:

You must add/import this to your metamask/wallet as a token. It counts ALL FATE (regardless of how it is being used — it does not account for locked rewards).

Since we are on Harmony One blockchain (for now) you will need to set your wallet to the Harmony network — if you have questions you may ask in the telegram or discord community chat forums.


To ensure the move to MATIC occurs smoothly — you will also need to have this to guarantee your unlocked FATE holdings are being accounted for

This URL will serve as the new location for all DAO governance until otherwise informed (it may not be correct on the landing page and DApp until we have time to update it).

There will be several important proposals posted in the next few days/week.

We are also considering adding a member “board” — of the faithful 300 — so as to ensure more “defi-ism” and member participation. We also want to open up the ability to make proposals for members who have a minimum number of FATE (per the current docs) — but would like to do this after the move to MATIC has occurred, at the latest)

We have been very busy working on the MATIC move — and it is still “TBD” as to whether we will deploy the V2 upgrades before the move.

All of the matters requiring votes and discussion will be proposed as per DAO governance as it currently is run.



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