FATExDAO — Important Update

2.2.22 — please read….

please note the disclaimer at the end of this message.

FxD is the first product we will build for commercial applications — a true reserve denomination…Fiat(FATEx) Exchange Denomination (formerly FGCD)

The FATExDAO Update (v2 is underway again!):

  1. Weekly locked rewards have been disbursed.
  2. Please note the price of PAXG.
  3. Note there is a live proposal for the archival of the unused LPs — to streamline the UI and further focus on what FATExDAO is (not a dex ;)
  4. We have finally started working with a talented full-stack blockchain developer that has met most of the standards we maintain for our tech. infrastructure build requirements — Philip Acho: click on his name to see his LinkedIn profile — he will be officially onboarded as a core-team member after satisfactory completion of the long-awaited v2 update. Let’s wish him luck!
  5. Philip has started work on completing the smart contract(s) for v2 and we will provide updates when we are confident of the deployment date.
  6. v2 will involve a “migration event” and the web3 DApp that results will be called FATExFi.
  7. Professional marketing will commence around v2 deployment.

More details will be provided on the above and below.

We have a new, exciting strategy that we will announce after/near the deployment. For those in the Telegram group — you are aware that we will most likely be moving to MATIC — however, for the dedicated 300, we have plans that will make most of you very…. happy (?)— before and after that were to transpire.

Please read the disclaimer — nothing stated should or can be taken as professional financial advice… If we accomplish the near-term plans you will be happy to have FATE. But, please d.y.o.r. always and make your own decision.

All DAO decisions are decided and discussed as a DAO — the most logical course of action is the one we take.

When it is time to discuss the “strategy” and the details of v2 (i.e. the fee structure) — these will be proposed. Please participate in the snapshot voting — your vote does count even if you think it your “bag” is too small — demonstrating your opinion is very helpful.



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FATEXDAO.io is a Neo #DeFi DAO FinTech enterprise, focused on large-scale DLT/tokenization, ESG/CSR bank-grade solutions: FATExFi — FxD.