Attention: Non-Stable/PAXG FATE LP’s To be Archived in > 24 hours

The DAO treasury uses USDC, PAXG and ONE as the main-stay coins for the DAO.

The main reason for the delayed UI response time (at the moment) — is due to the large increase in LP pairs that were added over the past few weeks. We are currently working on a fix for this issue in addition to v2 upgrades.

Until that time, and simply due to lack of use (which is due to lack of marketing and is intentional — see prior articles) — we are going to archive all non-PAXG, USDC, FATE, stable-coin pools with less than $100).

Please note that archiving does not mean the money is gone — only that it no longer receives allocations — LP deposits can be retrieved anytime by going to the archived pool section and treating it like a non-archived LP.

This is to serve as no less than 24 hours notice that these pools are going to be archived (at least temporarily).This action is being taken pursuant to prior DAO vote permitting this action.



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